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Sentados en el fuego: Como transformar grandes grupos mediante el conflicto y la diversidad

El Dr. Arnold Mindell, muestra cómo trabajar con el poder, el rango, la venganza y el abuso ayuda a construir comunidades sostenibles. Mindell ilumina la naturaleza del conflicto y cómo utilizarlo de manera creativa para transformar problemas en comunidad - en un enfoque orientado al proceso acuñado como trabajo global. La libertad tiene un precio, escribe Mindell. Aprender a sentarse en el fuego de la diversidad requiere de tiempo y valor. Sus relatos fascinantes de experiencias a lo largo del Mundo con grupos grandes, demuestran conceptos, actitudes y nos dan un kit de herramientas prácticas. Mindell muestra cómo el Trabajo Global genera una democracia más profunda - una conciencia de cómo el poder puede ser usado en contra individuos y grupos enteros, y cómo eso se puede transformar.



La Democracia Profunda de los Foros Abiertos: Pasos prácticos para la prevención y resolución de conflictos familiares, laborales y mundiales

El enfoque de este libro es la práctica del desarrollo organizacional y grupal. Los facilitadores necesitan conciencia interior y exterior para abordar las cuestiones que preocupan en la superficie de los grupos en reuniones, durante períodos de crisis y cuando entran en juego y se atascan sentimientos complejos, asuntos relacionales y temas que atañen a la diversidad. Arnold Mindell presenta ideas, herramientas prácticas y ejemplos convincentes de Foros Abiertos orientados a procesos en todo el mundo. Tanto las habilidades para gestionar los sentimientos más profundos como las técnicas lineales, son esenciales para facilitar grupos pequeños y grandes en cualquier comunidad, organización o grupo. En una democracia más profunda todas las voces, sentimientos y sueños son bienvenidos. Mindell introduce el concepto del activista psicosocial para la gestión de conflictos severos en organizaciones y en guerras. Estos métodos y actitudes pueden crear menos tensión y más transformaciones creativas.



Sitting in the Fire: Large Group Transformation Using Conflict and Diversity

Arnold Mindell, Ph.D., shows how working with power, rank, revenge and abuse helps build sustainable communities. Mindell is the co-founder of processwork and author of numerous books, including Quantum Mind, The Deep Democracy of Open Forums and The Leader as Martial Artist. He has appeared on national radio and television and works internationally with multi-racial and highly conflicted groups.

We (DDX - our publishing venture) just published the 3rd edition. Enjoy the read.



The Leader as Martial Artist

Arnold Mindell describes "The Leader as Martial Artist" in his new 2014 preface: "Here you will find my first introduction to Deep Democracy, as the core of organizational process. Here is where you will find a basic and today, still completely relevant application of field theory, how it connects with Taoism, and “time spirits”. The stress upon awareness in the midst of psychological and political turbulence is timeless.

We are especially thrilled to be able to republish the “The Leader as Martial Artist”. All of us here at DDX after having read the book, resonate with the following quote of Mindell updating this 3rd edition: “If I was a Taoist and lived hundreds or thousands of years ago, and found the Leader as Martial Artist, I would leave my quiet monastery. Then I would make “worldwork” as described in this book, my next step.



Health-in-Sickness and Sickness-in-Health

"In Health-in-Sickness and Sickness-in-Health, Dr. Pierre Morin offers a powerful antidote for an over-medicalized society. He explores the ways in which our narrow view of “health” has actually reduced our overall wellness—by failing to understand the illness in the context of each person’s relational life, marginalizing and disempowering those who are different or who cannot be cured, and ultimately losing sight of the lessons that life teaches us on our journey through sickness and wellness. In doing so, he reveals deeper truths about what it means to be human and what it means to be well. I would recommend this book for all who wish to be healers, or to be healed."- G. Allen Power, MD, the author of Dementia Beyond Drugs: Changing the Culture of Care. 





Dance of the Ancient One

“Just as the earth is moved by the universe, you, me, every human, every life form, and every thing is moved by the universe as well.  This movement feeling, the sense of the universe’s gravity field or what Einstein called space–time, is not just felt by astronauts.  All of us feel moved by gravity all the time.”

“When you let gravity move you, when you are moved by space–time, you are moved by the universe.  When you are moved in this way, you are showing the ‘dance of the ancient one,’ and are in contact with the space between us, with the subtle experience of being moved by what I shall explain is a system mind—possibly the most powerful system mind available to us.” — Arnold Mindell, The Dance of the Ancient One, Spring 2013






Otwarte forum. Praktyka głębokiej demokracji

„Konflikt jest czymś przerażającym dla większości z nas”, mówi dr Arnold Mindell, autor dwudziestu książek znany na całym świecie ze swojej psychologii zorientowanej na proces – holistycznego paradygmatu łączącego założenia fizyki kwantowej, psychologii oraz pracy z ciałem. 





Quantum Mind: The Edge Between Physics And Psychology

In a single volume of this groundbreaking book, Arnold Mindell brings together psychology, physics, math, myth, and shamanism – not only mapping the way for next-generation science but also applying this wisdom to personal growth, group dynamics, social and political processes, and environmental issues. 







Dreambody is the foundational introduction to process oriented psychology, by its founder Arnold Mindell, an MIT Physicist and Jungian Analyst. The Dreambody bridges the gaps between depth psychology, somatic psychology, spirituality, and energy based mind-body practices.





Rivers Way: The Process Science of the Dreambody

Arnold Mindell introduced Process Work as a new scientific paradigm where the observer and an observed event are entangled in a dreamlike way that shows how dreams, body experiences, relationship dynamics, and synchronous phenomenon are part of a unified field organized by process. River's Way creates a practical methodology that bridges psychotherapy, medicine, quantum physics, mythology, and indigenous cosmologies; addressing a broad range of human experience.




Глубинная демократия открытых форумов

"Почти все боятся конфликта", – говорит Арнольд Минделл, автор девятнадцати книг, получивший международное признание за свой новаторский синтез юнгианской терапии, сновидений и работы с телом. Он уверен, что большинство групповых и социальных конфликтов невозможно разрешить без работы на уровне их глубинных причин.

Минделл предлагает новую парадигму работы с группами от 3-х до 3000 человек, основанную на осознании самых тонких переживаний. Вы можете научиться воспринимать возникновение таких эмоций, как страх, гнев, безнадёжность, а также других экстремальных состояний и использовать их для преобразования, казалось бы, невозможных проблем в новые пути развития.